Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boston Part 3--The Aftermath

Cam and Jay and I staggered through the corrals. Not walking too fast (even if we could).

Just soaking it all in a bit. Water. Space blanket. Medal. Recovery drink. Food stuff. Saw Nick along the way and he snapped a photo of me.

I wandered into Jury's bar and Nick went back to check on D. I know Bird and DCV were in there, can't remember if Ryan was in there immediately or not, but I think so. Paid several trips to the bathroom and tried to drink a beer, but it wasn't happening. Cam and Dawg showed up, others started trickling in. Got some well appreciated congrats from various folks and heard tales of others' triuphs, disappointments and few bits of carnage. Nick came back and ate a burger and I wandered back to the hotel with him. Laid down for a while and tried to feel better. I eventually showered, D and Nick had to leave for the airport, and Cam and I went back over to Jury's. I ate a burger and drank a beer, started to feel a bit better.

I went back to my hotel before heading to Sweetwater. Just needed some more down time. Then rendevouz with the crew at Sweetwater. It was good catching up with everyone. Shared some nachos with Ryan, drank some beer and a lot of water. Page and Terri came by and said hello. I headed back with Ryan around 10.30? I was beat, but couldn't quite sleep and surfed a bit. Cam came back around 11.30, crashing on the floor. That 5 am alarm for the flight home was coming soon.

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