Friday, April 22, 2011

Boston Part 6--Race Day analysis, what can I do better

So despite a big PR, there are still areas where I need to do better.

1. Do not drink too much 2 days before the race. Though this had the positive effect of mostly keeping me off my feet the day before, it could be the cause of the stomach issues during the race.

2. If I'm going to eat 4 gels in the race, I need to do a couple long runs where I eat 4 gels to see if my stomach will handle it. I think I only had a couple of long runs where I took 2 this cycle.

3. Can I push harder? My max HR during the race registered at 173 (heartbreak mile). It didn't get above 170 thereafter. But in my half last fall I hit 174s and 175s for the last 5 miles. So were my legs just too fried to get to that HR, or did I not dig deep enough? I do recall a few points near the end of the race where I was consciously holding back a bit. I think I knew I had the sub 3, I knew I could come in in relative comfort, and I didn't push it to the edge. That is ok to make sure I break a barrier like 3 hours, but I need to push harder to run my fastest time.

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